Massage chair Gone Horribly Wrong

Massage chair violently shakes little girl getting a pedicure and she loved every minuet of it. What’s your opinion of this?

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Serenity 4D Massage chair

World First 4D massage chair Serenity 4D Massage Chair – Create your Own Massage Heaven Whenever you Need

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iRest Massage Chair by

iRest SL-A33 & SL-A60 Massage Chairs by are the ‘World’s Best Massage Chairs’. Amazing combination of Italian Design and Japanese Technology creating a a chair to increase health and wellness.

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4D Zero Gravity Massage Chair Powermax PMC 4768L

4D Full Body Luxury Massage Chair with Zero Gravity and Heating function with S Shape Cruve Rail

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My New Massage Chair

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Don’t Let Your Girl Try This Massage Chair Alone

Don’t Let Your Girl Try This Massage Chair Alone. Seems like the dude who made this had an agenda.

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$10,000 massage chair

There are a ton of massage chairs out on the market, but when a company advertises their high-tech chair as “The World’s Most Advanced Massage Chair”, we had to give it a try. This is what it’s like to sit in Inada’s ,000 DreamWave massage chair. Produced by Darren Weaver […]

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iS Ult-88 Massage Chair

iS Ult-88 Massage Chair takes the concept of machine massage to a whole new level. It is the first massage chair to feature a head massager, amongst many other features that are new and unique only to the iS Ult-88, such as pelvis swing massage, and stretch massage. This chair […]

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High Powered Massage Chair Overstimulates Female Customers

The perfect gift for you or your girl. They should nickname it the O-Face chair! These chairs pack bring the power.

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