Baby massage classes held in London

1. Elaine Dixon, carrying son Teddy (age 14 weeks), walking down street and entering Neal’s Yard Remedies shop, location of the baby massage classes. 2. Close-up blackboard with available today – baby massage classes’ written on it 3. Interior of exercise room, mother Torie True sitting on mat feeding daughter […]

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Life Balance Thai Yoga Massage Classes at Thai Hand Berlin

Life Balance Thai Yoga Massage Classes are based on the scientific proof that everyone’s health can be improved by receiving at least weekly acupressure along the skeleton muscles and stretches. This class is especially for everyone who likes to enjoy the benefits of traditional Thai massage, but without paying the […]

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Thai Yoga Massage Courses at ITM Thai Hand Berlin

ITM Thai Hand Berlin is an international school offering exclusive professional certification courses in the ancient art of Thai yoga massage therapy and Spa techniques, as well as various workshops and retreats to enrich the education. Our traditional natural health center is commited to wellness in Berlin and also provides […]

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Online Massage Classes Lesson 1 *ASMR*

This is an ASMR video intended for relaxation and entertainment purposes. In this video, the viewer will be introduced to the video with an infomercial style introduction. Then there will be soft speaking while models in a magazine are massaged. *PLEASE WEAR HEADPHONES FOR 3D SOUND!! *This video is for […]

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Couples Massage Classes

Make Your Partner Melt course intro. Learn how to massage your partner without sore thumbs or tired hands. The perfect romantic getaway.

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