neck and shoulders massage technique

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Learn Massage Techniques for Leg & Low Back Pain, How to Massage Glutes, Legs for Relaxation

♥ Help Support This Channel @ 130+ Exclusive Videos @ ↓ Follow Me! Social Media Links below ↓ Learn Massage Techniques for Leg & Low Back Pain, How to Massage Glutes, Legs for Relaxation Tessa Canzona explains how to do massage therapy to relieve pain using leg, glute […]

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Leg Massage Techniques–How To GiveA Leg and Foot Massage For Better Circulation–Leg Massage Benefits

Leg Massage Techniques–How To Give A Leg and Foot Massage For Better Circulation–Leg Massage Benefits Preparing for the massage Put the person into the proper position. Begin with having them lay in the supine position, on their back with face up, then have him or her remove his or her […]

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Massage Technique: Myofascial chest stretch

This massage instructional video demonstrates a quick myofascial release technique for the chest. To perform it, draw the client’s arm above their head in a comfortable position, then place a broad, supportive palm along their clavicle. Exert some gentle pressure down toward their feet, creating traction inferiorly as you travel […]

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How to Give Someone a Back Massage | Massage Techniques

Learn to Make Simple Fried Ice Cream! Click here: Like these Massage lessons !!! Check out the official app Watch more How to Give a Massage videos: Who doesn’t love a massage? Learn a few massage techniques so you can treat your special someone to a relaxing […]

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Massage Technique: Myofascial neck spreading/stretching

This myofascial spreading technique for the neck and chest gives that feeling of “stretch” while keeping clients within their comfortable range of motion. Go slowly with this, and keep both hand tools broad and gentle. This could easily be incorporated into a more traditional myofascial release routine by slowing way […]

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Most Effective Massage Techniques

I’ve found certain massage techniques I use in every session, so I thought I’d share them! I find these to be the moves I always comeback to however, these are MY top 5 techniques that I use, not saying they’re the absolute best as there are hundreds of different available […]

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Scraping Technique for Opening the Chest; Bodybuilder Massage

Thanks for watching my video! Contact me at My name is David Ziegler, I am 26 years old and I compete for the NPC – Bodybuilding is the name for the glue holding us together – embrace the sport and GO FOR IT! I am open to all contact […]

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