Ultra Relaxing Massage Tutorial by Meera, Carpal Tunnel, How to, HD Soft Spoken with Music

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Ultra Relaxing Carpal Tunnel Massage Tutorial by Meera, How to, HD Soft Spoken with Music

Meera Hoffman teaches massage techniques for the arms and hands to calm stress and reduce pain related to carpal tunnel or simple over-use of the arms. This video can teach you how to massage a friend or or loved one.

This is a very relaxing video that can help you fall asleep with beautiful music and may have Soft Spoken ASMR effects.

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10 thoughts on “Ultra Relaxing Massage Tutorial by Meera, Carpal Tunnel, How to, HD Soft Spoken with Music”

  1. VRJensen1 says:

    Great relaxing and instructional video. Ok everybody, I call dibs on the next massage. 😉 just kidding. P. S. Wow Corrina you're in great shape! Well done! I need to follow your health tips.

  2. Lone Wolf says:

    I want to sleep on top of her

  3. luckkydraggon1111 says:

    beautiful ladies. <3 <3 <3 thank you so muchhh….

  4. Madeline S says:

    Omg a kitty! It's so cute, what's it's name?

  5. GwopUpEnt says:

    Corrinas booty taste like strawberrys

  6. Tal Mills (Tally) says:

    I want one for my husband that focuses on the back, head, and legs/thighs area.

  7. Rosario C. Raybon says:

    I don't understand why watching her get a massage relives 'my' stress lol!

  8. Name None says:


  9. Myrthe Dancer says:

    Omg Im so happy she's back in a massage video ❤️

  10. jev's hair says:


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